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Yacht Club

Yacht Club

The Yachts of Old Salt Sailing are available to members of the Old Salt Yacht club with NFT memberships at

We, at Old Salt Sailing, have been cruising the Balearic Islands and the rest of Mediterranean for many years, and have learnt a myriad of their best kept secrets. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you, to ensure that your trip with us is a magical and unforgettable experience. That is why we have set up the exclusive Old Salt Yacht Club with memberships available in the form of NFTs on

The fleet is available to members of the Old Salt Yacht Club, for both corporate and private clients. The basic Membership comes in the form of an NFT that costs 100 k a year and includes 2 weeks on Kilena of Corsica, one week on Delfino and one week of Freya (crew, provisions and fuel are paid on top). Each week of each boat is minted as an NFT that can be resold or gifted by the Club Member. Special Memberships and access to the other boats are restricted to members. We offer tailor made trips, to suit individual requirements such as: a relaxing summer vacation; day sailing trips; location use for photo and film shooting; or regattas and special events. They may be chartered individually, or as any combination of the fleet.

To explore, and enjoy, the incredible views and natural beauty of the surroundings. The mountains provide a truly breathtaking backdrop, for some wonderful sailing along the NW coast, allowing you to discover hidden coves that are only accessible by boat.

We encourage you to visit the sections of this website dedicated to each individual boat; So Fong, Kilena of Corsica, Delfino, Ifarra and Freya, and become acquainted with the characteristics specific to each boat.

Sailing with the whole fleet is a flexible and fun experience. It offers one the option, to retreat to each individual boat when privacy is required, without having to renounce the socializing that comes with a larger group.

Regattas can be organized between the boats or the sailing dinghies of the fleet; racing is a fun, friendly, competitive way to enjoy the experience of sailing with the whole fleet. Last but not least, one can enjoy the visual display and great photo opportunities of the rest of the fleet when under sail.

The possibilities and combinations are endless, and we encourage any interested party to contact us in order to discuss their individual requirements.

We have special chefs who know the boats, and we always ask our clients to participate in the choice of the menu. We have experience in cooking for vegetarians, gluten & lactose free, young children, and many other specialist dietary requirements. Most of the produce supplied to the fleet comes from a local organic producer, and with the added touch of our chefs, you will be sure to enjoy the culinary experience on board.